Inflatable Boat Repairs Auckland

When it comes to manufacturing, repairing, and retubing inflatable boats, trust no other than N&K Consulting. Our company has been in the industry for 35 years and we’re experienced in every area of making and fixing inflatable boats. N&K Consulting is run by Neil Curtling, the founder of Southern Pacific Inflatables which is the largest inflatable manufacturing company in New Zealand. You can trust our company to use the latest welding technologies and implement the latest design features to improve your boat.

Affordable Boat Repairs in Auckland

Expect the following benefits from choosing our service:

Best Inflatable Boats – the inflatable boats we sell are made here in New Zealand. You can be assured that our products are up to the highest quality standards.

Excellent Service – as a specialist in inflatable boats, N&K Consulting offers excellent servicing. We repair and retube your boat to make it work at its best.

Competitive Prices – expect value for your money when you choose us. Our team charges reasonable rates for top services.

N&K Consulting uses the latest manufacturing systems which reduces the overall cost of your boat while providing optimal results at the same time.

MOBILE : 021 570 505

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