RIB Boats Auckland

Rigid Inflatable Boat also known as RIB boats, which are a lightweight but high performance boat. With a high capacity constructed with a solid shaped hull often designed with hydroplaning hull while also having flexible tubes at the gunwale (top edge of the side). RIB boats can be powered by an outboard motor or an inboard water-jet motor. There are different materials utilised when it comes to constructing the hull such as, wood, steel, aluminium, fiberglass, glass-reinforced plastic, or combinations of materials. RIB boats are great high performance boats that have been used for a wide range of purposes, so you can rest assured as your RIB boat is a durable and reliable boat.

Buy Rib Boats in Auckland from N&K Consultancy

Here at N&K Consultancy we are committed to repairing RIB boats and are continuously allocating our resources to obtain the latest technology that may help us repair RIB boats to the highest condition. We have a range of services that may be utilised to ensure your RIB boat is in great condition for the seasons to come. We are happy to be Auckland's RIB boats consultants.